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Tokio, Japan

A data science professional with a background in clinical psychology, I leverage a diverse career to bring unique insights into my work. Having started in hospitality, honed leadership skills in the military, and expanded my knowledge base over 15 years in security, I'm now passionate about merging psychology and technology. Now residing in Japan, I've spent 5 years in healthcare. Recently completed a master's in computer engineering, and am close to finishing a data science master's degree. My objective is to apply my expertise in the IT sector, specifically in areas related to 'Big Data' and 'Artificial Intelligence'. I view my role as a data scientist to be a bridge between the AI revolution and its ethical application. Open to new opportunities to grow and contribute in both fields.


LANGUAGES Spanish (Native) English (TOEIC 900) Japanese (W: N4-3 | S: B2) Catalan (W: B1 | S: A2) Portuguese (W: B1 | S: A2) Italian (W: B1 | S: A2)