Hypertension and Psychopathologies

CategoryPilot Project Proposal
SummaryFoundation document for the creation of a machine learning project.
ToolsRStudio, Spreadsheets, Tableau, BigQuery
Repository Linkhttps://github.com/Kamaranis/Relationship-between-hypertension-and-psychopathology.git
SkillsR, Algorithms, Git, Markdown
TypeData Mining

The mental health department of a geriatric company has identified indicators that suggest a link between hypertension and worsening mental disorders, as well as the occurrence of psychotic episodes and crises.


Statistical refutation: Analyze historical data from the company to establish statistical significance between hypertension and behavioral problems, and determine correlation, causation, or dismiss the theory.

Prevention and improvement of care: Implement measures through a model that allows early detection, based on thresholds of physiological measurements and medical histories, enabling the establishment of preventive measures.


Foundation document for the creation of a machine learning project. This would enable improvements in the healthcare management software by detecting risk parameters and triggering early alerts. The document would provide a breakdown of relevant variables related to the problem and specify general and specific blood pressure thresholds that may affect each patient. It would be a predictive model.